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How do I prepare for my installation?

Before installation day, anything you can do to clear the room and working area of furniture and possessions is a huge help. We will bring dust sheets and floor protection to keep the space as clean as possible but it is worth bearing in mind that fireplace installations can release a lot of building dust, soot and debris.

Please plan ahead to keep pets and children at a safe distance and ideally in another room if possible.

If there are fireplace alterations involved, we are likely to use heavy duty masonry power tools and it can be very noisy for long periods of time so you might consider warning adjoining neighbours or rearranging work conference calls.

We may need to keep all windows and external doors open throughout our visit so that the room is kept well ventilated.

If applicable, ideally your chimney should be swept prior to installation to ensure the chimney or flue is clear of blockages although we can include for this in our installation scope of works.

Please consider keeping access routes to the property clear and allow enough space close to the entrance for parking if possible. We will advise on requirements if we have booked scaffolding or MEWP access to the chimney.

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